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Use of “Single Use Systems” the Technology of the 21st Century


The seminar program will be focused on general fluid management using Single-Use Technology. In particular it will be possible to hear about: mixing, transfer, storage, how to connect to next operating unit, standardization, how to balance SUS lead times with design flexibility and supply predictability.

The seminar will host some of the world leaders in single-use systems (SUS): Sartorius-Stedim, Pall, Merck, Neumo-SUS.

Attendees could take part to several presentations about the advantages of the SUS in regards to process efficiency and they could also participate to a session on extractables and on the effective adoption of Single-Use Systems (SUS).

Claudia Gagliardini, from Pall Biotech, and Daniel Martinez, Ompi - Stevanato Group, will be holding a speech at 12.00 on the General Fluid Management Using Single-Use Technology, illustrating the how standardization of small-batch process operations is a key challenge towards increasing the safety and the quality aspects of the clinical phase of biotech drugs manufacturing


We will glad to meet you at OMPI Tabletop!

Event Location

Crowne Plaza

Tel Aviv, Israel

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