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The glass ampoules are produced with Type 1 Glass in accordance with the current Pharmacopoeiae (EP, USP, JP), guaranteeing optimized technical and cosmetic performance.

To meet the different pharmaceutical needs, Stevanato Group production includes all formats of ampoules, classified as "cut open" and "flame-cut open" form B, "open cup" form C, "stem sealed dome type" form D and "stem sealed Marzocchi type" form E.

All formats are available with color break, OPC and score ring, their volumes ranging from 1 ml to 25 ml.


Upon customer’s request, Stevanato Group can also provide an outer gliding treatment, inner ammonium sulfate treatment, and printing.

  • Ampoule boxes
  • Multiple colors on the body or top
  • Special print on the body
  • Special models on request
  • Ampoule breakers


Ompi - ampoules - B - 5ML

Form B


Form C

Ompi Ampoules - D - 10ML

Form D

OMPI Ampoules - Marzocchi - 5ml

Form E "Marzocchi"


Ompi ampoules production methods and logistical processes are compliant with the strict terms and conditions of pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets in order to ensure the correct connection to the client’s QA & QC processes.


Ampoules Quality Control

Ampoules quality control covers every phase of the process. Production lines are provided with:

  • Equipment for the breaking force measurement, with automatic collection and analysis of data on host computers

  • Integrated system for data management of products quality control

  • Systems for the traceability of all manufacturing parameters (materials, equipment, operators, etc…)



Thanks to its automated logistics system, Ompi ensures a punctual delivery of the product.

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