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With more than 65 years’ experience in the production of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, Ompi is currently the market leader in cartridge manufacturing. Today, thanks to the synergy with Balda, they can offer customized, plastic, drug delivery systems (click here to discover more).

  • Glass: Type1 according to EP, USP, JP
  • Capacity: 1ml - 20ml
  • Diameter: 6mm - 35mm
  • Height: 40mm - 120mm


Cartridges are provided both in bulk and in sterilized formats
with different collar finishes and customized features like:


Improved mechanical resistance both for sterilized and bulk configurations


Internal siliconization




Internal multi-bypass and external by-pass


Pre-capped configuration

Through the total control of accurate forming conditions and continuous product improvements, Ompi can ensure the best performance of this crucial product regarding:

  • Internal shape optimization to maximize the quantity of drug delivered during injection.
  • Glass resistance to face high-pressures and forces acting on the primary packaging by the drug delivery systems

This accurate process allows to achieve:

  • Extended 100% temperature control used by pyrometers
  • Monitoring of forming speed (rotation and tool speed)
  • Optimized tool design and use of new materials
  • 100% control of shoulder parameters (angle, radius, position, etc. ...)


Sterilized Solutions

With EZ-fill® sterilized cartridges, pharmaceutical companies reduce overall costs and concentrate resources on added value “core” activities, such as aseptic finish and filling.

EZ-fill® Cartridges are suitable for drug delivery system applications. 

Thanks to their high-quality level, EZ-fill® cartridges reduce the costs of non-quality throughout the entire production cycle, from initial handling to final use.

  • Format: Nest & Tub or Tray 

  • Configuration: pre-capped (steam sterilized) or glass cartridges (ETO sterilized)

Discover more about EZ-fill® Platform →

Select a configuration and discover the products main parameters:




Nest & Tub

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Fina Cartridges

Fina cartridges are suitable for liquids drugs and for the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs (By-pass).

Fina cartridges have dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels according to ISO and can also be customized for the customer. 

From the chemical point of view, Fina quality is compliant with relevant EP, USP and JP standards.

Intended use:

  • Injectable (Liquid and Lyo Product)
  • Non-Injectable (Diagnostic, solid forms, pills..)

Discover more about Fina →


High cosmetic quality: increased container integrity to better protect and preserve drugs


Improved system of quality management: Reduced AQL for critical defects and dimensional tolerance (compared to standard glass)


Higher mechanical resistance: CoA (Certificate of Analysis)


Wide range of sizes: produced accordingly to a high-quality validated process and customizable according to customer needs


Nexa Cartridges

The overall strength of the glass containers may be reduced by the presence of surface flaws that concentrate applied stresses.

When a load is applied, e.g. during the injection with a pen injector, the critical defect could trigger the failure in the glass leading to the breakage of the whole component.

This can cause serious implications, both for pharmaceutical companies and for the patient.

Considering this fundamental perspective, Ompi has launched Nexa Cartridges, a full range of products that can offer a mechanical resistance up to 3x, minimizing initial glass flaws without modifying the glass type and the glass surface.

Select a configuration and discover the products main parameters:




Nest & Tub

This innovative product configuration allows to:

  • Reduce TCO
    • Increase the yield of filling lines
    • Lower failure issues in combination with pen devices
  • Enhance Patient Safety
    • Prevention of cracks throughout life-cycle
    • Reduced field breakage

Another important feature of Nexa Cartridges is their easy adoption, with no need to submit a new registration of the pharmaceutical product since:

  • They have the same original geometry to assure the compatibility with current pen devices

  • There’s no modification to the glass surface and the glass type


Discover more about Nexa →

Nexa Cartridges Features


Superior cosmetic performance, reducing false rejects rates


Proprietary 100% camera inspection


Quality improved process platform for forming, transporting and handling

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