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The Integrated Tip Cap Syringes have been developed to be the ideal match for EZ-fill® Luer Lock Cone Syringes with its twist-off closure system.

Born from the collaboration between Ompi and Balda, the EZ-fill® Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) solution focuses on many different aspects, above all on cone breakage.

Thanks to the twisting system and the torque and de-torque forces, Ompi offers a more intuitive solution that enlarges the Luer Lock syringes portfolio.

EZ-fill® Integrated Tip Cap can be provided in a variety of formats and for different drugs:

  • Vaccines
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Biotech drugs
  • Other viscous drugs


Technical features and applications

Technical studies and tests on torque force and pull force have led to a perfect fit between the Ompi glass syringe and a Balda plastic component.

With an easy twist-off functionality, it provides improved usability for final users without compromising the integrity of the prefilled syringe itself.

The Integrated Tip Cap is the result of a rubber component inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed onto a Luer Lock Adaptor and then pre-assembled on the EZ-fill® Syringe. 

The Luer Lock Adaptor determines its functional performances in terms of torque force and pull force by the inner diameter, as well as the length and thickness of the ribs.

Compared to other Tip Caps on the market, the absence of coating on the cone avoids the risk of particle release into the drug. EZ-fill® ITC is supplied with a rigid cap in a standard translucent plastic color; other colors are available based on customer needs.

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ITC advantages


Intuitive user experience


Compatible with existing disposable needles

25_Regulatory Expertise

Opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to validate a new supplier with a reduced effort on registration


Improvement of the business continuity plan

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