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The Ompi EZ-fill® Syringes allow a significant reduction of the capital investments and costs associated with the acquisition, validation, and maintenance of traditional lines for the treatment of bulk syringes.

Together with vials and cartridges, they allow a full platform of ready to fill containers that help the pharmaceutical company from the drug discovery until final drug product commercialization.

Thanks to the wide range of options, Ompi can help customers in identifying the most appropriate solution according to the drug application. Depending on the requirements, Ompi can provide NS, RNS, TC, ITC and OVS as closures.

With a wide range of options, Ompi can help customers in identifying the most appropriate solution according to the drug application.

EZ-fill® syringes are available in Fina and Nexa quality, depending on the requirements and the intended use of the drug.


Fina Syringes

Thanks to its quality level Fina is the answer for those who are looking for a higher quality level compared to market standard.

From the chemical point of view, Fina quality is in compliance with relevant EP, USP and JP.

Fina ensures a wide range of formats by using commercially available components assembled in state-of-the-art manufacturing lines.

Fina Syringes are available with needles from 22G to 29G, in normal wall and thin wall configuration and a length between ½” and 1” according to the different application for which the syringes are designed for.

Examples of Intended Use

  • Anti-coagulants (i.e. Heparin)
  • Vaccines
  • Small Molecules
  • Cosmetics
  • WFI/Diluents

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Main Features & Benefits


Increase your operational efficiency by guaranteeing reliable products from dimensional and quality point of view


Ensuring a high cosmetic quality compared to market standard


Reduced AQL for critical defects


Wide range of sizes, components and treatments, according to your needs


Regulatory support giving access to DMF

Fina Syringes Closures, Flanges & Packaging
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Nexa Syringes

Nexa Syringes can be considered the optimized packaging solution designed around key attributes linked to biologic drug products storage and administration.

Thanks to the increased compatibility between the drug and the primary container and the reduced level of false rejections due to the quality level, Nexa Syringes if offering the features required to reduce the risk of failures during the drug development of highly sensitive drugs improving the time to market.


Nexa syringes are produced according to a specific manufacturing process without glass-to-glass and reduced glass-to-metal contact.


In addition, to certify the quality of Nexa Syringes, specific automatic camera inspection systems monitor the product all along the manufacturing process.

The results are stored and analyzed before releasing the syringe batch.

The Ompi Nexa Syringes are available 1.0ml long and 2.25ml with staked needle.

Other configurations can be developed.

Example of Intended Use

  • Biotech
  • Sensitive Drugs
  • Autoinjectors
  • Drug Delivery Systems


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Nexa Syringes Closures, Flanges & Packaging
Discover all Nexa available configurations
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Main Features & Benefits

Increased compatibility between container and drug
thanks to a better silicone oil distribution and
low level of tungsten, low curing

  • Low tungsten
  • Low Extractable Profile
  • Low Particles


Regulatory expertise
to support your launch

  • Support your drug application through DMF information
  • ISO 15378 and ISO 13485 certifications
  • Support yout interaction with the agencies
Increased Auto-Injector compatibility
due to restricted tolerances on syringe’s flange and shoulder

  • Reduced Dimensional Tolerances
  • Limited Glass-to-Glass contact

Minimizing risk of false rejects of filled syringes
due to the advanced cosmetic inspection technology

  • 100% camera full surface inspection
  • Superior inspection technology

Superior gliding performance
by optimizing silicone distribution inside the barrel

  • Low silicone
  • Homogeneous distribution

More proactive quality management
by extended data collection to be shared with you

  • Extended CoA

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