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Using a state-of-the-art forming machine, Ompi can guarantee the reduction of variability in dimensions and the maximum performance of the product in each of its structuring parts.

  • Glass: Type 1 according to EP, USP, JP
  • Capacity: 1-100 ml
  • Diameter: 8-50 mm
  • Height: 30-120 mm
  • Mouth: 13-20 mm

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Select a part of the vial to discover all the benefits we are assuring: 


Geometry and dimensions of the collar are kept under control with specific measurements to maintain high-compatibility with different components and filling lines, thus easing the handling of the vial across different line processes.



The forming process of neck and mouth facilitates cosmetic inspection in filling lines while keeping large orders customizable with a wide range of different geometries (sealing bead, blowback, screw neck, etc.).



In our forming process, close attention is focused on the shoulder area to ensure that dimensions and specifications requested by customers can also be optimized in inspection phases on filling lines, reducing false rejects and waste.



The bottom form of the vials is obtained by a forming process that ensures high-stability on the transportation belt and control of shape and concavity. Specific geometries are also compatible with the lyophilization/freeze-drying processes.


Ompi can produce a whole range of rings, starting from the standard inner lip to special blow back design for specific applications.

This feature is available for all the collar designs (standard collar, sealing bead, screw neck, etc.)

Beyond the dimensions and design, the vials are customizable with special features like:


Internal siliconization


Ammonium sulfate treatment


External anti-friction coating




Sterilized Solutions

In a scenario where the pharmaceutical industry is seeking new manufacturing solutions, increased flexibility and quality, reduction in time-to-market, lower cost-pressures and outsourcing non-core activities, Ompi EZ-fill® is the perfect solution.

In particular, EZ-fill® vials can address any specific needs for a CMO, a biotech company, a research laboratory or a pharmaceutical company during the entire life-cycle of the drug product.

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Select a configuration and discover the products main parameters:




Nest & Tub

Benefits of EZ-fill® Vials 

With EZ-fill® Vials, pharmaceutical companies reduce overall costs and concentrate resources on added value and “core” activities, such as aseptic finish and filling:


Optimized secondary packaging in collaboration with the highest quality machine manufacturers


More flexibility due to its ready-to-fill form, leveraging the commonalities between the different container fill-finish processes by using a common multi-product line


Time-to-market reduction through a ramp-up production concept, especially for small companies that require flexibility in changing the manufacturing lines


Higher quality compared to bulk configuration due to the specific design of no glass-to-glass packaging material allowing the preservation of the cosmetic aspects while also reducing breakages

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Fina Vials

Due to its quality level, Fina is the answer for those searching for a higher-quality level product in comparison to market standards.

It allows a great degree of customization in terms of geometry, dimension, and tolerances.

From a chemical point of view, Fina quality is compliant with EP, USP and JP requirements.

Fina can be applied for use in vials for liquids, lyophilized drugs, and diagnostics.

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Benefits of Fina vials


Higher operational efficiency: increased container integrity to better protect and preserve drugs


Assure a high cosmetic quality: Reduced AQL for critical defects and dimensional tolerance


Improved system of quality management throughout the life of the drug


Higher mechanical resistance: CoA (Certificate of Analysis)


Wide range of sizes, components, and treatments produced according to high-quality validated process. Customization upon request


Nexa Vials

In today's dynamic and increasingly challenging pharmaceutical market, there is a constant growth in biotech drugs that are very complex and often highly sensitive molecules.

Drug complexity implies that primary packaging suppliers must develop new approaches to guarantee stability between drug and container and to assure a perfect drug administration. The request for very high cosmetic performances is no longer “nice-to-have” but a “must-have”.

Ompi’s role is not simply to be a trusted supplier or a smart problem solver, but to be a proactive expert.

To do that, Ompi Nexa is a state-of-the-art solution that provides the highest level of quality, safety, and technology, even for the most demanding drugs

Nexa can be applied to vials that are suitable for sensitive liquid and lyophilized drugs and with very high cosmetic requirements.

They are available in 2R and 20R.


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Nexa Vials Features


Superior cosmetic performance, reducing false rejects rates


Proprietary 100% camera inspection


Quality improved process platform for forming, transporting and handling


No Glass-to-Glass and Glass-to-Metal contact to reduce flaws: increased mechanical resistance


Dedicated DEL with reduced AQL


Dedicated alveolar packaging

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