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Smart drug storage - and delivery - solutions are key differentiators in the competitive market of the pharmaceutical industry.

Balda offers intelligent dispensing systems within the pharmaceutical product portfolio, which guarantee the right dose at the right time. Following the major market trends, the range of design concepts and products goes from smart mechanical systems up to electronic and app-based solutions.

The devices can be adapted according to specific requirements or characteristics of the drugs.

Unique devices and great functionality based on our expertise in injection molding, electronics and assembly of components.


Discover our portfolio products and design concepts

Solid dispensing systems make it possible to patients to take their medication effectively, safely and conveniently.
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Dial the Dose
An innovative, patented drug delivery system for the accurate oral self-medication of non-sterile liquids.
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Concept mMTS
the advanced way of dispensing mini tablets!
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Concept Multiparticulate Dispenser
A flexible dosage for Multiparticulate Formulations
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CMO/CDMO products

Bayer Tube 2



Short neck, capped tube for liquid dermal applications within veterinary care. Different sizes according to volume requirements.

Pill Dispenser


Electronic Pill Dispenser

Electronic dispensing system to support the user with regular pill intake at a defined time interval. The device includes a cartridge as primary packaging of the pills, which is inserted into the dispenser. Complex, fully automated assembly including electronic components.

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Balda specializes in diagnostics consumables in the fields of laboratory, human and veterinary point of care as well as handheld devices. The components are used in laboratories and hospitals, as well as in nursing care and by the patient at home.

The products' consistently high quality is guaranteed by an industrial development and production environment specific to the industry.

The materials are meet with the highest standards regarding precision, surface quality, purity of raw materials and cleanliness of the production environment.

With our team of experts in R&D, Industrialisation, Production and Quality Assurance, Balda is your ideal partner for realizing reliable and customized solutions to meet your product requirements.

Product Examples



Test cartridge

Cartridge for point of care testing for HIV infection

  • High degree of transparency of the measuring window
  • Narrow tolerances in the measuring range





Test Rotor

Optical blood analyzer for veterinary diagnostics and human diagnostics

  • Critical optical clarity
  • Critical flatness requirements
  • Multiple dedicated manufacturing cells
  • Automated handling/inspection
  • Process controlled and monitored via Edart
Balda Device for fast diagnostics

Device for Fast Diagnostics

Virus detection test that provides results within hours

  • Mold process conductive to customer assembly lines
  • Designed and produced to meet customer specifications

Pipette Tips & Cuvettes


Rack with tips and cuvettes for laboratory immunology analyzer

  • 100% optical inspection
  • Tips with electrically conductive polymers
  • Tips & cuvettes delivered in single and combination racks in final packaging



Diabetes Devices

Handheld device for diabetes care - blood glucose meter with integrated lancing device

  • Test strip cartridge
  • Detachable lancing device
  • Easy one-hand operation

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Balda Healthcare combines functionality with economics when developing medical products.

As a result, the company focuses on such major trends as increasing functionality, miniaturization and digitization of the devices. At the same time, the products must stand out through their quality and design to be used safely and effectively in practice.

Medical products permit safe and reliable therapeutic applications for the benefit of the patient. The range of medical products is extremely large and extends from disposable scalpels to blood pumps suitable for implantation.

Due to their high functionality and low cost, polymer materials play a significant part here, particularly in the case of disposable articles.

Product Examples

Filter Component Balda US

Filter Component

Device cleans and recycles blood back to patiences body during open-heart surgery procedures


Artery Access Device Balda US

Artery Access Device

Device provides an extravascular solution for vascular closure of common femoral artery access sites

  • 2 overmold components
  • Insert molding on vertical press
  • Five-axis robot insert handling
  • Touchless automated handling/inspection

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