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Dial the dose

Dial the Dose is an innovative, patented smart dispensing system for the accurate oral self-medication of non-sterile liquids.

It allows a safe and precise dosage in 0.5ml steps - different dosage steps possible upon request.

The pre-set of the device reduces the risk of incorrect medication, which is crucial, especially in pediatric therapeutic areas.

An accurate dosing with low residual volume is guaranteed. Dial the Dose is available can be filled with a total volume of 3ml and 5ml.

Customer Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy handling

  • Safe and precise dosing

  • Volume settings in 0.5ml steps

  • Individual design according to your

DtD highlights and special features


The required amount of liquid can be pre-set in 0,5ml-steps, a high dosage accuracy guaranteed!


Different color options and individual barrel printing according to your requirements


Dial the Dose consists of just two components and offers a robust design accordingly

Intuitive and easy handling

The requested dose can easily be pre-setted by turning the plunger.

A ratchet at every 0.5ml-step gives a haptic feedback in order to set the required dosage – also under visually challenging circumstances.

The liquid can be extracted from the pharma bottle by pulling the plunger.

There is an automatic, positive stop according to the dosage that has been pre-selected.

A high-accuracy and safe dosage is guaranteed.

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