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Smart Mini Tablet Dispenser

Solid dispensing systems make it possible to patients to take their medication effectively, safely and conveniently.

Mini tablets are most likely intended for oral medication within pediatrics and geriatrics.

The sMTS is a smart mini tablet dispenser with full development – the flexible and open design of the device allows a modification according to the tablet characteristics and customer requirements.

The patented system guarantees a safe transportation of the entirely required mini-pills to the user.

sMTS – Dispensing mini tablets the smart way!

Customer Benefits

  • Flexible and individual dosing of mini-tablets

  • Guided visual control of dosage

  • Safe and accurate dosage - avoiding destruction or abrasion of the tablets

  • Customization according to specific need and requirements possible

sMTS highlights and special features


sMTS guarantees an easy and accurate dosage of the required amount of mini tablets


The transparent design of the upper device part allows a visual control of the tablet dispensing operation


sMTS is designed to fit standard pharma bottles. For any other required size, the device can me modified accordingly


Different shapes and tablets might require modification on the device. sMTS can be customized according to your needs

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